Guido Stein

I have a lot of ideas and I like to share with my communities.

I can be found on twitter using the handle @guidos.
Check out my geospatial meetup group, AvidGeo.
I work at AppGeo.


Interview Presentation

5/13/2020 online
A presentation to introducemyself to employers, who I am and an example of a project I worked on and choices made.`

What is OSGeo.US

1/14/2019 NY,NY
This presentation was given at GeoNYC>

The GIS In Data Science

Presentation given at NEURISA 2018

Demystifying Data Science

Presentation given at Spring NEARC 2018

Open Source Adoption

Presentation given to the CT GIS Network

Open Source Adoption Counceling

Presentation given at NEURISA 2018

FOSS4G Boston 2017 Welcome Movie


Other Stuff

Spatial is now a first-class citizen in most databases

Interview with Geohipster web site